Kang Daniel Wins ‘Best Idol’ In The Second Week Of October

Kang Daniel ranked No. 1 on Best Idol!

On October 13, Kang Daniel was selected as the No. 1 “Best Idol “ in the second week of October. He topped the men’s chart with 243,059 votes.

Following Kang Daniel, BTS’ Jimin took second place with 127,216 votes while BTS’ V ranked third with 60,250 votes.

In the women category, IZ*ONE’s Hitomi Honda ranked first with 6,323 votes, IZ*ONE Kang Hyewon took the second place with 1,004 votes while IZ*ONE’s Lee Chaeyeon ranked third with 731 votes.

On the group chart, BTS topped the list followed by UP10TION, HOTSHOT and NU’EST.

Congratulations Kang Daniel!

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