Bae Suzy Shows Off Her Innocent Beauty Drinking Cola And Eating Noodles In Latest Instagram Update

Singer and actress Bae Suzy wows with her cuteness.

On October 13, Bae Suzy posted new photos on Instagram along with the caption, “Seo CEO eats rice noodles for lunch.” The pictures show Suzy drinking Coca-Cola and eating noodles. She flaunts her beauty wearing a light beige jacket and a soft brown-tone shawl. Suzy’s flawless no-makeup face also attracts attention.

Fans left many comments such as, “I thought for a second you are gonna be the new muse for Coca-Cola or sth lol” “You’re so pretty,” and “Eat well and always put a smile like that on your face.”

Meanwhile, Suzy plays Seo Dal-Mi in the tvN new Saturday drama ‘Startup’, which will air on October 17th.

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