SF9 Captivated Fans With Their Powerful And Sweet Voices At The Online Concert ‘NOOB CON’

Boy group SF9 captured fans’ hearts at their first-ever online concert.

On October 10, SF9 spent special time with fans through the online late-night concert “NOOB CON.” Juho said, “I’m very nervous because it’s our first online concert.”

SF9 presented unique explosive performances such as “Now or Never,” “RPM,” “Good Guy,” and “Summer Breeze.” They also captivated with their sweet voices singing “Into The Night” and “Gravity.”

SF9’s official fan club FANTASY also prepared a special event for the members. When the “Beautiful Light” performance began, about 1,000 fans sang their own fan chants as a special gift. SF9 said, “I was moved to hear your voices like this. Thank you.”

At the end of the concert, SF9 sang “Shine Together,” the title track of their special album “SPECIAL HISTORY BOOK,” released on October 5 to mark the fourth anniversary of their debut.

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