Kang Daniel Steals Fans’ Hearts With His Outstanding Beauty In A New Selfie

Singer Kang Daniel is back with a new selfie.

On October 10, Kang Daniel posted a new photo on Twitter along with the message, “2020 Asia Song Festival – Gyeongju. You can watch it live on the Asia Song Festival website, THE K-POP YouTube, and Naver V LIVE.” In the picture, the singer is smiling brightly towards the camera. He also captivated viewers with his slightly longer hair and charming eyes.

Fans left many positive comments, “I’m so happy to see you today,” “Hey, you did a great job on the stage today, too,” “I look forward to your performance,” and “I can’t wait to see your performance after a long time ago.”

To watch Kang Daniel’s performance follow the links below!

Photo: konnect_danielk/twitter

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