Kang Daniel Ranks No. 1 As The “Star Who Will Make Songpyeon Pretty”

Singer Kang Daniel has been named as the No. 1 “Star Who Will Make Songpyeon Pretty.

‘Idol Chart held a voting poll from September 28 to October 4 under the theme of “This Chuseok, A Star Who Will Make Songpyeon Pretty.” Kang Daniel topped the poll with a total of 77,360 votes (68%). Following Kang Daniel,  Lee Chanwon took second place with 16,023 votes while Ha Sungwoon took third place with 6194 votes.

Kang Daniel also impressed viewers by reciting Jung Ho-Seung’s poem “Spring Road” at the National Foundation Day on October 3.

Congratulations to Kang Daniel!

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