Kang Daniel Crowned As A ‘Charity Fairy’ For ‘Choeaedol’ On The 8700th Day Of His Birth

Singer Kang Daniel was selected as a donation fairy once again!

On October 4, Kang Daniel was selected as the 82nd donation fairy in the idol ranking service ‘Best Idol.’ He ranked first by receiving 73,457,686 votes on the 8700th day of his birth.

Under the names of Kang Daniel, there will be a donation to the “Milal Welfare Foundation” to sponsor work projects for the disabled. Kang Daniel has made a total of 59 donations so far, 30 donation angels and 29 donation fairies, achieving a cumulative donation of 29.5 million won. The total amount of “best idol” donations is 176 million won.

Photo: Naver

Congratulations to Kang Daniel!

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