Fans Praise ASTRO Eunwoo’s ‘Jungkook’ Style In Latest Instagram Update

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo captivates with his style.

On October 7, Eunwoo posted three new photos on Instagram along with the caption, “🙉” In the pictures, Eunwoo looks amazing in a brown jacket and blue jeans. In particular, he shakes viewers’ hearts with his perfect feature and perfect body proportions.

Fans who saw the photos commented, “Jungkook Dynamite style,” “Jungkook styled jacket,” “That G on your sleeve stands for good looking,” “Isn’t it the same as kook’s dynamite clothes?” “So handsome,” and “Jungkook style.”

Photo: eunwo.o_c/instagram

Thumbnail image: eunwo.o_c/instagram – facebook/ BANGTAN.OFFICIAL

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