Wonho Captivated With His Unique Beauty On The Cover Of The Star Magazine

Singer Wonho shows off his beauty through a new photoshoot.

On October 6, The Star Magazine has released a solo photoshoot of Wonho for the cover of its October issue. In the published pictures, the singer wows with his bright visual and glamorous appearance.

In the interview after the photoshoot, he said, “‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’ it’s my first solo album and I thought it’d be better to show you what I can do better than I wanted to do. This is the letter I wanted to send to my fans. “I wanted to tell you exactly that I don’t exist without my fans,” he said. “Everyone is precious to me.”

He then talked about his dream as a solo artist, “My goal is to become a singer who comes to my mind when I hear a keyword. For example, if you think, ‘Who was a sexy and good dancer?’ I want to be like Wonho. Furthermore, the goal is to be able to stay with fans for a long time. We will work hard until then,” he said proudly.

Check out his photoshoot below!

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