GOT7’s Yugyeom And His Dog Dalkyum Look Absolutely Adorable In A New Photo Released On Twitter

GOT7’s Yugyeom is back with a new adorable picture.

On October 4, Yugyeom posted a new picture on Twitter with the message, “IGOT7 #GOT7.” In the picture, the singer and his dog are posing in front of a fan. In particular, Yugyeom melts everyone’s hearts with his gentle expression and perfect facial features.

Fans left many comments, “Kim Yugyeom and Kim Dalkyum the cutest duo,” “Yugyeom’s so cute it hurts my heart,” and “I still can’t believe how photogenic Dalkyum is?? Look how he has the exact same expression as Yugyeom.”

Enjoy the picture below!

Source image: real_Kimyugyeom/twitter

You can follow Yugyeom’s dog on Instagram here.

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