TREASURE Jaehyuk Shows Off His Puppy-Like Visual On Twitter

TREASURE Jaehyuk shakes fans’ hearts with his cuteness.

On September 30, Jaehyuk posted new selfies on Twitter along with the message, “I came here because I miss you. Good night our treasure maker. Have a happy Chuseok while thinking of us!!! Yum yum I love you side.” In the published pictures, Jaehyuk is taking a selfie while holding a plushie. In particular, he captivates with his flawless visual and happy smile.

Fans who saw the photos commented, “Handsome,” “Happy Holiday Jaehyuk,” “Enjoy your Chuseok holiday, spend your time with your family,” and “I miss u too dear, take care of yourself.”

Source images: treasuremembers/twitter

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