GOT7’s Jackson Stuns With His Warm Visual At The Armani Box Event In Changsha

GOT7‘s Jackson attended an event held by Armani, leaving everyone breathless with his beauty.

On September 29, Jackson posted new photos on Weibo along with the caption, “Everyone who went to Changsha Armani Box today. It rained today. Remember to change clothes when you reach home and don’t catch a cold. Everyone else that didn’t go. Do go if you have time. But remember to bring an umbrella. Just in case.” cr

In the pictures, Jackson is wearing a suit and a white t-shirt, showing off his impeccable style at the Armani Box Event in Changsha. He quickly captured all attention with his warm visual and lovely smile.

Enjoy some photos of the event below!

Check out all the pictures by clicking the link here.

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