TWICE’s Tzuyu Looks Chic And Elegant For ‘Estée Lauder’

TWICE‘s Tzuyu amazes with her beauty once again.

On September 24, Estée Lauder Korea has released Tzuyu’s commercial on Instagram with the caption, “Tzuyu & Micro Essence recharge your vitality today.” In the published video, Tzuyu is wearing a white blouse showing off her elegant and ethereal beauty.

Fans left many positive comments, “Most beautiful face,” “Tzuyu so beautiful,” “Queen,” “So pretty,” “She looks so young,” and, “Queen of brand ambassador.”

Enjoy the video below!

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– Q. 촉촉한 마이크로 에센스와 쯔위의 공통점​ A. 바라만 보아도 에너지가 넘친다 🥰​ 쯔위 & 마이크로 에센스로 오늘도 활력 충전 완료 🔋💖 #마이크로에센스 #MicroEssence​ #EsteeAmbassador @twicetagram​​

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