TWICE’s Nayeon Drives Knetizens Crazy With Her New Hairstyle

Knetizens can’t stop to praise TWICE Nayeon‘s hairstyle!

On September 10, Nayeon posted two videos on TWICE’s Instagram story with the caption, “Autumn.” She quickly gained all attention with her hairstyle and make-up. Her new blonde highlights enhanced her flawless skin and bright eyes.

Check out Knetizens comments below!


“Makeup style is new. It looks good on her”

“Oh, she’s so pretty”

“I’m curious about the blush”

“Please come back soon. I miss you”

“The hair suits her”

“Everyday Miss Legend”

“Something looks like Jennie”

“Wow, she looks like a doll. She’s so beautiful”

“Wow, so pretty. It looks good on her”

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