Kang Daniel And BLACKPINK’s Lisa Ranked #1 As The Donation Fairy Of September

 Kang Daniel and BLACKPINK Lisa are the donation angels of September.

On the popular K-Pop ranking service ‘Myloveidol,’ Kang Daniel and Lisa have been selected as the 60st donation angels as they ranked first in the accumulative list of the Hall of Fame. Kang Daniel has been selected as a donation angel for 13 months in a row, donating 30 donation angels and 28 donation fairies, 58 times in total, and achieving 29 million won in accumulated donations.

In the women’s category, BLACKPINK’s Lisa topped the cumulative list, making her a donation angel. So far, Lisa has made five donations, two donation angels, and three donation fairies, achieving the cumulative donation of 2.5 million won.

Under the names of Kang Daniel and Lisa, they will donate a total of 1 million won, 500,000 won each, to the Miral Welfare Foundation. The total amount of money donated by “Best Idol” is 172 million won.

Congratulations to Kang Daniel and Lisa!

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