Knetizens Have Nothing But Praise For BTS Taehyung’s Outstanding Beauty At KBS ‘News 9’ Arrival

BTS Taehyung wows with his visual once again.

On September 10, on a Korean online community, Knetizens expressed their praises for BTS Taehyung’s beauty. BTS visited KBS studios today for a new interview and Taehyung attracted attention with his brown hair and all-black outfit.

Check out Knetizens’ comments below!


“Wow… he’s so handsome”

“V is awesome”

“The most handsome guy I’ve ever seen”

“V’s styling itself is perfect for fancy things, but he’s also good in all black”

“Looks like a foreign actor came to Korea”

“He’s the best”

“Wow, he looks fierce”

“He looks handsome even with half of his face covered”

“That hair color looks good on him. Bright color makes he looks more handsome”