Kim Woojin Releases A Statement About Twitter Allegations And Announces Legal Action

Kim Woojin replies to allegations of sexual harassment and announces to take legal action.

On September 8, Woojin wrote a post on Instagram after several victims accused him of sexual assault on Twitter. He explained, “Hello, I’m Kim Woo Jin. I’ve been through a lot today, so… I’m posting a message to let fans know how I’ve been doing. Someone spread some weird rumors on Twitter and cut off their accounts. I’ve never met him, I’ve never been to a place mentioned.”

“Fans must have been surprised. It’s not true, so don’t worry too much. Also, I have recently signed a contract with a company that I agree with and am preparing hard for the activity. Don’t worry too much because the company is going to take action against the person spreading false information and the company will take action afterward. Then I’ll tell you again. Thank you.”

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안녕하세요. 김우진입니다. ⠀ 오늘 황당한 일을 겪어서.. 팬분들에게 겸사 겸사 근황 알릴 겸 글을 올립니다. ⠀ 트위터에 누군가가 이상한 루머를 퍼트리고 계정을 삭제하셨는데.. ⠀ 전 그 분을 만난적도 없고, 언급된 곳에 가본적도 없습니다. ⠀ 팬분들 많이 놀라셨을텐데, 사실이 아니니까 너무 걱정 말아주세요. ⠀ 그리고, 전 최근 마음이 맞는 한 회사와 계약을 해서 솔로 활동을 위해 열심히 준비하고 있습니다. ⠀ 회사에서 허위 사실 유포자에게 조치를 취할 예정이고, 이후 대응은 회사에서 진행할 예정이니 너무 걱정 말아주세요. ⠀ 그럼 또 소식 전할게요. 감사합니다.

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