Kang Daniel’s ‘Waves’ Ranked First As The ‘Best Collaboration Song’

Kang Daniel‘s ‘Waves‘ ranked first in the ‘Best Collaboration Song‘ vote.

‘Star Play’ held a voting poll from August 24 to September 7 under the theme ‘Best Collaboration Song.’ Kang Daniel’s song “Waves” featuring Simon D. and Jamie ranked first with a total vote of 50.78%. “Waves” is a track from the mini-album ‘MAGENTA’ released in August.

Following Kang Daniel, Ravi’s “Paradise” took second place with 20.83%, Kim Jaehwan’s ‘Paradise’ ranked third while Doyoung & Sejeong’s “Star Blossom” took fourth place.

Congratulations to Kang Daniel and enjoy the video again below!

Source: (1) / Source thumbnail images: Konnect Entertainment

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