OH MY GIRL’s Yooa Drives Knetizens Crazy With Her Ethereal Beauty At ‘Bon Voyage’ Showcase

OH MY GIRL’s Yooa is back with ‘Bon Voyage.

On September 7, on a Korean online community, knetizens talked about Yooa’s showcase for her solo debut mini-album “Bon Voyage.” She captured all attention with her unique charisma and elegant dance moves. Her solo debut is already a big success.

Check out their comments below!

“She’s a fairy”

“She’s pretty. I like the concept”

“The concept is so unique and pretty”

“She is like a fairy of the forest in Greek Roman mythology”

“Event without high heels her proportions are crazy”

“Yooa is really perfect”

“That’s an unique concept”

“She looks great with this hairstyle”

“She’s beautiful, I envy her body”

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