Knetizens Think Ong Seong Wu And CRAVITY SeRim Look-Alike

Do Ong Seong Wu and CRAVITY‘s Serim look alike?

On September 6, on a popular Korean community, knetizens talked about the resemblance between solo singer On Seong Wu and CRAVITY’s member Serim.

Check out their comments below!

Ong Seong Wu


“I thought they were all Ong Seong Wu”

“They are similar”

Ong Seong Wu is so handsome”

“Wow, I thought they were all the same person”

“Serim, he’s handsome…he looks like a great actor”

“They look like real brothers! Wow, it’s hard to tell the difference between pictures”

“Serim looks like him, but he’s smaller. He has different physique”

“They look alike in person”

“I thought the pictures above were all the same person”

“Ong Seong Wu is more angled and Serim is softer”

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