Knetizens Can’t Stop To Think About Bae Suzy’s Legendary Beauty At Lancôme Event

Knetizens continue to praise singer and actress Bae Suzy‘s top-notch visual.

On a popular Korean online community, knetizens talked about Bae Suzy’s beauty at a Lancôme event held on January 18, 2020. It’s been months since that day, but Knetizens can’t stop to think about her glamorous appearance.

Check out their comments below!

“How can you be so pretty?”

“She’s so sweet and fresh”

“She’s always pretty, but she’s like a real doll”

“Even the shadows are beautiful”

“She’s really gorgeous”

“The legend was so pretty on this day”

“She is the prettiest girl group member”

“She’s so beauiful. I want to see her in person”

” Her proportion and face are no joke”

“Her face is perfect”

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