Knetizens Can’t Stop To Praise Kang Daniel’s Enchanting Live Clip For ‘Night’

Knetizens are in love with Kang Daniel‘s ballad ‘Night.’

On a popular Korean community, knetizens shared their thoughts on Kang Daniel’s live clip for“Night,” the latest track of his second mini-album ‘Magenta.’ The singer once again impressed with his husky voice and gentle vocals.

Check out their reactions below!

“The song goes well with the background”

“It’s a song that goes well with this time of the year”

“The song is so good. He improved a lot”

“I’ll listen to it one more time before I go to bed”

“I love the atmosphere of the video”

“His voice is really amazing”

“It’s better to listen to it at night with earphones on”

“I had a hard time this summer, but I like it this song because it comforts me”

“I’ll look forward to his great performances in the future”

“I’m rooting for Kang Daniel”

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