BTS Taehyung’s Visual In ‘Dynamite’ Normal Version vs B Side + Knetizens Reactions

BTS Taehyung impresses with his beauty in both version of ‘Dynamite’ music videos.

On August 25, in a popular Korean community, Knetizens compare Taehyung’s visual in ‘Dynamite’ music video vs. ‘Dynamite’ B Side.

Check out their reactions below!

A Cut

B Cut

A-cut. In the video, when he takes off his sunscreen, he looks really pretty

“Both are good

“I like A because it has a retro vibe, and I like B because I can see the styling well

“A is more retro and B is more doll-like

“B is prettier and cuter”

“I like both, but I prefer b a little bit more”

“Both of them are so pretty and beautiful that I was surprised when I first saw them”

“V’s blood type is AB, so I like both A and B”

“Do you like mom or dad? How do you choose this?”

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