Hyuna Postpones The Release Of Her New Song Due To Health Problems

Hyuna will temporarily postponed her comeback activities due to health reason.

On August 22, Hyuna’s agency, P Nation, said, “Hyuna will temporarily postpone the release of new songs and for health reasons.”

According to P Nation, Hyuna was diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, and vasovagal syncope. Her activities became difficult due to the recurrence of neurological fainting.

The agency explained, “We have an obligation to protect our artists, and at this point we have reached the conclusion that the top priority for our artists now is sufficient rest and treatment.” They added, “The single release and activities that were about to be released next week are also very difficult to proceed, and we will temporarily postpone the activities.”

“We will do our best to help Hyuna regain her stability and resume her activities in a healthy manner. We are very sorry to have caused concern to all the people who have been waiting for the comeback due to the sudden news.”

 Hyuna’s comeack was set on August 26 with her new single “Good Girl.”

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