BTS Looks Amazing At The ‘DYNAMITE’ Press Conference + Knetizens React

BTS wows with their unrivaled visuals.

On August 21, BTS held a press conference for the release of the new single “Dynamite.” The boys attracted all attention with their elegant style and new hairstyles.

“Dynamite” is an upbeat disco-pop song that aims to bring energy amidst the COVID-19 emergency. This is BTS’ first English song.

Check out the pictures below!


“Jimin, how cute are you?”

“Taehyung looks like a prince”

“RM’s hair looks very good”

“Everyone is so handsome and pretty. I’m crying”

“Jungkook is handsome”

“J-Hope’s body line is so beautiful. That dress looks so good on him.”

“All of the boys’ clothes are pretty”

“Jin looks younger. So pretty”

“All seven of them look great all the time, but Namjoon looks so cool today.”

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