Knetizens Share Their Honest Thoughts On ITZY’s ‘Not Shy’ Music Video

ITZY released”Not Shy” music video.

On August 17, ITZY made their comeback with “Not Shy” the title track of their third mini-album ‘NOT SHY.’ On a popular Korean community, netizens shared their thoughts on ITZY’s comeback with hundreds of comments.

Check out their reactions below!

“The chorus is crazy. Chaeryeong’s voice is so nice.”

“I love it as soon as I hear it”

“Wow, nice. I want to see the stage.”

“RYUJIN’s part is good. I’m already into it.”

“I love this song. It’s totally my style”

“I like the music video and the song”

“Everyone’s hairstyle is perfect this time”

“The best song I’ve ever heard. The beat is crazy”

“I think the song came out well. Much better than the old songs”

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