Does OH MY GIRL’s Arin Look Like Bae Suzy?

Does OH MY GIRL‘s Arin look like Bae Suzy?

On a popular Korean community, knetizens shared their thoughts on the resemblance between OH MY GIRL Arin and Bae Suzy.

Check out their reactions below:

“Arin is so pretty”

“Oh, I’m a Suzy fan. The screenshot looks like Suzy”

“They are very similar”

“Both of you are so beautiful”

“Both of them seem to have clear faces that Koreans like”

“I like Arin, but she doesn’t look like Suzy”

“She said Suzy was her role model”

“She doesn’t look like her, but she has a similar feeling. Both are pretty”

“I’m seeing some resemblance these days”

“They don’t look alike, but the atmosphere is very similar”

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