Kwon Mina Deletes Her Personal Instagram Account

Former AOA member Kwon Mina deletes her personal Instagram account.

On August 12, Mina deleted her personal Instagram account after a month of revelations. Earlier, Mina met with FNC CEO Han Sung-ho and apologized to the public. She said, “I really liked the FNC and AOA, but it was so sad and hard to quit AOA because of this problem. I could feel the truth while listening to the chairman’s words today, and I’m so sorry that it just happened like this.”

She added, “I’m so sorry for the fans who worried about me, my acquaintances, my family, and AOA fans who are having a hard time because of me. I’ll reflect on myself and get treated diligently so that this doesn’t happen again.” 

She later closed her Instagram account on August 12. Mina’s Instagram says, “I’m sorry. The page is not available.”

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