BTS Jungkook’s Jawline Is So Perfect That Knetizens Can’t Stop To Talk About It

Knetizens go crazy over BTS Jungkook‘s jawline.

On August 10, on a popular Korean community, Knetizens talked about how perfect Jungkook’s jawline looks from every angle. The singer impressed once again with his flawless beauty!

Check out their reactions below!

“Oh, you’re so handsome.”

“The side jawline is so good”

“His face is amazing. He’s pretty and cute in the front, but he’s handsome and sexy in the side”

“How can cuteness coexist with handsomeness?”

“I’m a girl, and I’m jealous of that jawline”

“A hand-made creation by God himself”

“Jungkook is cute, handsome and pretty”

“He’s got a perfect jaw”

“His side chin is so handsome”

“It’s an artistic jawline that you can’t even make into a sculpture

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