Kang Daniel Looks The Cutest Behind The Scenes Of ‘MAGENTA’ Countdown

Kang Daniel enchants behind the scenes of ‘MAGENTA’ Countdown.

On August 11, Konnect Entertainment posted new photos on Instagram with the caption, “Last week, we broke Danity’s Blues Monday with countdown live 4 1 2 3. Today, we’re here with the behind-the-scenes story.” The pictures show Kang Daniel during the V live for his 2nd mini-album ‘MAGENTA.’ The singer smiles brightly, melting Danity’s hearts.

Fans left many positive comments such as, “Oh, pretty,” “Love you always,” “Yayyyy!!!! more Daniel contents,” “Kang Daniel is really cool,” “and “Loving Magenta era.”

Enjoy all the pictures below:

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