TWICE‘s Tzuyu Looks Cute And Adorable On Instagram

TWICE‘s Tzuyu revealed her gorgeous beauty.

On August 8, Tzuyu posted new photos on Instagram with the caption, “Thank you, ONCE. I got some good energy today too.” In the published pictures, Tzuyu looks cute with her new long brown hair and wearing the t-shirt designed by Chaeyoung.

Fans left many comments such as, “Beautiful maknae,” “Thank you for the concert,” “Tzuyu best girl,” “You look so cute,” and “Tzuyu you are the cutest.”

Check out all te pictures below:

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원스 고마워요😊 오늘도 좋은 에너지 받고 갑니다+++ ONCE謝謝你們! 今天也從你們身上得到了許多能量😊

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Meanwhile, TWICE held the online concert “World In A Day” on August 9.

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