Netizens Are Going Crazy Over TREASURE ‘BOY’ Music Video

TREASURE released”BOY” music video.

On August 7, TREASURE made their debut with “BOY” the title track of the first single album [The First Step: Chapter One]. Netizens expressed their full support to the boys, congratulating them for their debut.

Check out their reactions below!

“The concept fits them so well”

“Finally! After almost 2 years of waiting! Our boys are here”

“If this aint the rookie of the year, then what’s the point of awarding shows?”

“I love you, Treasure. We’ve been waiting for your debut for a long time”

“Congratulations on your debut”

“Treasure has the most powerful vocal line among 4th gen group. Even their rappers sing”

“i’m sure treasure gonna be really really really big in the future”

“Worth the wait! TREASURE Fighting!”

“Rookie of the year: TREASURE!”

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