Kang Daniel Becomes The 68th Donation Fairy The Day Of His Comeback

Singer Kang Daniel becomes a donation fairy.

On August 3, Kang Daniel was selected as the 68th donation fairy with 65,458,352 votes in the idol ranking service ‘Best Idol.’ Kang Daniel’s fandom, “Danity,” achieved the donation fairies in time for Kang Daniel’s comeback day.

Under the name of Kang Daniel, ’CHOEAEDOL’ will donate to the Miral Welfare Foundation’s job support project for disabled people. Besides, Kang Daniel has made a total of 56 donations so far, 28 donation angels and 28 donation fairies, achieving a cumulative donation of 28 million won.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel released his second mini-album “MAGENTA.” “MAGENTA” with the catchy title track “Who U Are” on August 3.

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