Watch GOT7’s JB And Youngjae Have Fun Designing Their Dolls In A New Episode Of “GOTOON BY GOT7 SUMMER STORE”

GOT7‘s JB and Youngjae have fun in a new episode of “GOTOON BY GOT7 SUMMER STORE.”

On August 5, GOT7 has released the third episode of “GOTOON BY GOT7 SUMMER STORE” on Youtube. In the video, JB and Yungjae design the new set of dolls of themselves. The boys look adorable, drawing, and coloring while laughing with each other.

Fans left many comments, “JB’s beauty is ethereal and Youngjae’s radiance is blinding us all,” “I live for Youngjae teasing Jaebeom,” and “They’re the cutest in the world.”

Enjoy the video below:

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