SNSD Seohyun Shares A Photo Of 13 Years Ago On Instagram

SNSD Seohyun shares a photo of 13 years ago on Instagram.

On August 5, Seohyun posted a new photo on Instagram with the caption, “Hello, Seohyun from 13 years ago.” Seohyun celebrates the Girls’ Generation’s 13th debut anniversary with a throwback picture. She impresses with her innocent beauty and a warm smile.

Fans left many positive comments such as, “Seohyun 13 years ago looks like Seohyun now. You haven’t aged a day,” “Always be our angel maknae,” and “You will always be the best maknae.”

Source image: seojuhyun_s/instagram

Meanwhile, Seohyun is filming the drama ‘Private Life’, scheduled to air this year.

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