Kang Daniel’s Beauty Shines Behind The Scenes Of The Online Fanmeeting “DAN1TYST”

Singer Kang Daniel melts fans’ hearts with his happy smile.

On August 4, KONNECT Entertainment posted new photos on Instagram with the message, “Daniel is happy all the time with DANITY. The unforgettable July 25th, on-site photos of DAN1TYST in celebration of the special day.” In the pictures, Kang Daniel enjoys his first anniversary of debut with the online fanmeeting “DAN1TYST.”

Fans left many positive comments “How can you be so pretty?” “Thank you. Such precious memories,” “So handsome…Best Boy Kang Daniel,” and “We were so happy too.”

Enjoy all the pictures below:

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel released the second mini-album “MAGENTA” and the title track “Who U Are,” on August 3.

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