Knetizens Can’t Hide Their Enthusiasm For Kang Daniel’s “Who U Are” Music Video

Singer Kang Daniel looks breathtaking in “Who U Are” music video.

On August 3, Kang Daniel released the music video for “Who U Are” from the second mini-album ‘MAGENTA.’ Knetizens praised his visual, choreography, and the high-quality of the video.

Check out their reactions below!

Kang Daniel, who is constantly developing his performance and vocal skills, is the best!

“I can’t wait to see the stage!”

“The song is so good and the music video is so high quality”

“It’s hard to come up with this quality from a one-man agency”

“He’s so cool that I couldn’t breathe”

“He improved his vocal skills”

“I like the low-pitched rap in the second half of the song

“The more you listen to it, the more addictive it is”

“I want to see the dance video”

“I’m looking forward to the stage. All the songs in the album are great”

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