Kang Daniel Reveals More About His New Mini-Album ‘MAGENTA’ In An Interview Ahead Of Comeback

Singer Kang Daniel is back!

On August 3, Kang Daniel opened up about his new mini-album ‘MAGENTA’ through a Q&A session. Kang Daniel said that ‘MAGENTA’ is an album that burns like the sun, capturing both the beginning and the end of the summer.

The title track “Who U Are” is a song that captures the atmosphere of the new album so well that Kang Daniel introduced it as a “hot sun.” The choreography is said to be unique, with a flow that may feel a little unfamiliar in Korea.

Kang Daniel ended the interview talking about his fans, “Fans are the driving force behind the music,” he said. “I am always grateful to them.” He added, “Thanks to your love for Kang Daniel’s music, albums, and performances, I get more energy to take a step forward. I hope you have a great summer with Magenta, always be healthy!’

Check out some pictures of the interview below!

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