BTS Taehyung Ranked #1 As The Male Idol Who Fans Want To Go On Summer Vacation With

BTS Taehyung was chosen as the #1 male idol who fans want to go on a summer vacation together.

Taehyung ranked first as the Male Idol who fans want to go on summer vacation together through a voting poll conducted by ‘Choeaedol’. The singer topped the list with 277,800 out of 774,000 votes cast. He also ranked first in the “Star who fans want to go camping Together.”

Following Taehyung, Jungkook (258,311 votes), Jimin (248,164), Chanyeol (238,495), Jin (230,930), Sehun (224,687), and Suga (222,300).

Congratulations to Taehyung!

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