Kang Daniel Drives Knetizens Crazy With “Who U Are” Second MV Teaser

Singer Kang Daniel is gorgeous in the second MV teaser of “Who U Are.”

On July 31, Kang Daniel released the second video teaser for the title track “Who U Are” from the upcoming mini-album ‘MAGENTA.’ Knetizens are already in love with his vocals, visual and powerful dance.

Check out their reactions below!

“This isn’t a music video. It’s a movie. Awesome.”

“I think I’m having a heart attack. Kang Daniel, you’re really awesome.”

“I’m looking forward to the full version. Daniel, you’re so cool”

“I think all the songs in this album are great. The stage is going to be amazing”

“How many times are you watching this? I can’t get out of this. I’m happy”

“I really like this concept. I’m looking forward to the song and the stage”

“Wow, this is crazy. I’m so curious about the music video story”

“Wow, this concept is perfect for Kang Daniel

“I have tears of joy in my eyes”

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