GOT7’s JB Impressed With His Outstanding Beauty On The Set Of ‘Sudsapda’ Photoshoot

GOT7‘s JB impressed with his perfect figure for Sudsapda Magazine.

On July 28, Sungmin Choi (CeCi Korea fashion director) posted two images of JB on Instagram with the message, “I met JB again. It was cool again.” In the published pictures, the singer wears a white jacket and black jeans matched with white boots. He flaunts his unrivaled beauty behind the scenes of the photoshoot with ‘Sudsapda.’

Fans left many positive comments, “So perfect,” “Wow,” “Proud of you,” “This post just made my morning brighter,” and “JB is always cool and handsome.”

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또 만난 JB 또 멋있었다. #behind #shooting #thailand #magazine #cover #comingsoon #jb #got7

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