Red Velvet Joy Shocks Knetizens With Her Expensive Diamond Necklace

Red Velvet‘s Joy shocks knetizens with her expensive look.

On July 25, Joy attended the ‘2020 Dream Concert CONNECT:D’ impressing not only with her beauty but also with her necklace. For the event, Joy wore a necklace from luxury brand TASAKI, which costs $374,364.The earrings from the same brand cost $52,759.

On an online Korean community, Knetizens shared their thoughts on her luxurious look. Check out their reactions below!

Source images: _imyour_joy/instagram

“That’s more than four luxury cars around her neck”

“Wow, the necklace is really pretty.”

“If I were Joy, I would have been so nervous that I would not be able to dance”

“Why is the necklace so expensive? Joy is awesome”

“It’s more expensive than my house”

“Who’s buying that necklace? Celebrities? Rich people?”

“Wow, she looks great”

“Even those earrings cost 60 million won…”

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