Kang Daniel Ranked #1 On Idol Chart For 122 Consecutive Weeks In A Row With The Highest Number Of Votes

Singer Kang Daniel ranked first on Idol Chart for 122 weeks in a row!

According to Idol Chart, Kang Daniel earned the highest number of votes in the second week of July. He ranked first with 147,470 votes for 122 consecutive weeks in a row. In ‘Like,’ which measures the size of his fandom, Kang Daniel continues to gain popularity by receiving 19,668 likes.

Following Kang Daniel, BTS Jimin (67,364 votes), Lim Young Woong (61,484 votes) BTS V (58,063) Song Gain (29,642 votes) BTS’ Jungkook (20,585 votes), BTS’ Jin (13,932 votes), etc…

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be back with his second mini-album ‘MAGENTA’ on August 3. He will pre-release ‘Waves’ feat. Simon D and Jamie on July 27.

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