Knetizens Share Their Thoughts On Kang Daniel’s Highlight Medley… And They Have Nothing But Praise!

Kang Daniel‘s comeback is around the corner.

On July 24, on a popular Korean community, knetizens shared their thoughts regarding Kang Daniel’s highlight medley released today. The singer will be back with his second mini-album ‘MAGENTA’ on August 3. The album contains 6 songs of various music genres, including the title track “Who U Are.”

Check out their reactions below!

“Oh, all the songs are great. The last song is my taste”

“I can’t wait to hear the whole songs”

“I like all the songs. His voice is so charming. He raps and sings so well”

“He has a good voice”

“Compared to your solo debut album, you’ve grown a lot. I’m looking forward to your performance.”

“The quality has improved since your first album. I’m curious about the stage”

“Give me more… The more I hear, the more curious I am”

“The songs are very sophisticated, Kang Daniel’s voice is also good. He seems to have increased his skills

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