GOT7’s Mark Is The Cutest In Latest Instagram Update

GOT7‘s Mark is the cutest gamer.

On July 24, Mark posted two new photos on GOT7’s Instagram profile along with the message, “You didn’t forget today, did you? We’re going to run on Friday.” In the released pictures, Mark shows off his lovely beauty wearing a striped t-shirt and smiling brightly for the camera. Like every Friday, he will be live on Huya to play PUBG.

Fans left many comments such as, “I love you so much,” “The cutest,” “Good Luck,” “Finally Mark posting,” “I’m always so happy to see your face,” and “Fighting.”

source image: got7.with.igot7/instagram

Mark will be live every Friday to play PUBG until August. You can watch the replay of his Livestream here.

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