BTS Taehyung Drives Fans Crazy With His Morning Selfie

BTS Taehyung revealed his gorgeous visual.

On July 24, Taehyung posted two new selfies on Weverse with the message, “How well I slept. (For my hair to look that way.)” In the published pictures, the singer stuns with his beauty even with his sleepy eyes and fluffy hair. He looks absolutely gorgeous with his glasses, puffy face and cute expression.

Check out the pictures below and what Knetizens think about his look:


“He’s so cute. I love him.”

“Why is V cuter when he just woke up?”

“I guess he slept well”

“I love this kind of pictures”

“Look at his small eyes and hair. So cute”

“V is handsome and cute even with a swollen face”

“Look at his hair! It’s like the head of a cartoon character”

“He looks so handsome even though the camera angle was taken from below on his face when he wakes up.”

“Why are you so cute?”

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