FNC Entertainment Denies Rumors Of SF9 Dawon Being A Bully In High School

SF9 Dawon was accused to be a bully in High School.

On July 15, FNC Entertainment said, “We have checked the claims raised. It seems that the person who raised the suspicion is an acquaintance who spent his school days with Dawon.” They explained, “It is a one-sided and distorted claim. It’s groundless.”

On July 14, a Twitter user said he was bullied by SF9 Dawon when he was young. The writer claimed that SF9 Dawon made fun of his appearance and that he was hit several times. “When I found out that you were an idol, my head went blank. It’s clear in my memory that you’ve been harassing me,” he wrote. “My childhood is filled with feelings of inferiority and fear for you.”


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