Kang Daniel Selected As The Charity Donation Angel For July

Kang Daniel ranked #1 for the Charity Angel event on “Myloveidol” for July. According to the idol’s popularity ranking service “Myloveidol”, Kang Daniel was selected as the 58th July donation angel in the men’s category. He ranked first for eleven consecutive months.

Kang Daniel achieved a cumulative donation of 27 million won through a total of 54 donations for 28 angels and 26 donations. He has the largest cumulative donation of 27 million won, followed by EXO with 24 million won, BTS with 19.5 million won, Twice with 18.5 million won, and Tzuyu with 12 million won.

Under the name of Kang Daniel, 500,000 won will be donated to the Miral Welfare Foundation’s job support project for disabled people. The total amount of money donated by “Myloveidol” is 161.5 million won.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel announced the release of his second mini-album “MAGENTA” on August 3. He will pre-release a new song on July 27.

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