Kang Daniel Reveals The Collaborations For His Upcoming Mini-Album ‘MAGENTA’

Singer Kang Daniel unveiled the collaborations for his album ‘MAGENTA’.

On July 14, Konnect Entertainment announced the artists that will feature in Kang Daniel’s upcoming mini-album. “MAGENTA” is said to show upgraded energy and intensity, unlike the bright and refreshing atmosphere of first mini-album “CYAN” released in March.

The artists that will feature in the album are Simon D, Jamie, YUMDDA, and DVWN. Simon D participated in the pre-release song set to be released on July 27, while singer-songwriter Dvwn wrote and composed the song “Adulthood” from the first mini-album “CYAN.”

Kang Daniel’s ‘MAGENTA’ will be released next month, on August 3rd at 6 pm KST.

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