Red Velvet’s Seulgi Shows Off Her Duality On Instagram

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi impressed with her duality.

On July 12, Seulgi posted new photos on Instagram with the captions, “Inkigayo today,” and “The end of Monster’s first week! Thank you so much to the ReVeluv who cheered for us.” In the published photos, the singer shows off her duality. In the first picture, she stuns with her fierce look; in the second one, she looks cute wearing regular clothes.

Fans commented, “Very pretty,” Body goals,” “You did a great job,” “You’re so precious,” “Everything looks good on you,” and “You both did so well.”

source images: hi_sseulgi/instagram

Meanwhile, Irene & Seulgi performed live ‘Monster’ at Inkigayo today.