Knetizens Share Their Thoughts On The CG Animation On Red Velvet Irene’s Face At Music Bank Today

IRENE&SEULGI made their debut!

Netizens can’t stop to talk about Red Velvet Irene’s graphic animation during ‘Monster’ live performance at ‘Music Bank’ today. Both Irene and Seulgi impressed with their amazing performance and intense charisma.

Check out knetizens’ reaction below!

“It looks better than the music video”

“It was so amazing”

“What a surprise!”

“It’s weird”

“Oh my gosh. I’m so scared”

“I like it because it looks faithful to the concept”

I didn’t watch the music video, so I watched it for the first time with this clip, and I was just scared

“In the music video wasn’t surprising, but it was amazing to see it on the music show”

“That’s a good concept”

“It’s a concept, so I think they planned it for the choreography. It’s fresh and nice”

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